Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do I need as a Fast Responder?

As initial qualification we recommend an activity as

  • Paramedic of an aid organisation
  • Paramadic of a company
  • Nurse
  • Doctor's assistant
  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic
  • Emergency paramedic
  • Doctor
  • Policeman
  • First responder Alpha/Bravo

A medical education or work is desired.

Depending on your level of education, the employees of "Fast Responders" will give you a comprehensive training.

How can I quit as a Fast Responder?

By sending an email to "" you can terminate your cooperation as a Fast Responder at any time.

Is there a payment for the Fast Responders?

No, there is no payment for the Fast Responders. The work as a Fast Responder is voluntary and is the result of an extraordinary civic commitment.

Am I permanently alertable as a Fast Responder?

No! As a Fast Responder, you set your own standby time. For this purpose, there is a "pause function" in the app with which the readiness can be defined.

Am I insured while working as a Fast Responder?

Yes, the Fast Responders are insured through the respective operator (counties or aid organizations) for accident, criminal and traffic law protection. It does not cover intentional acts - logically, as is normal in an insurance policy! If you need support as a Fast Responder, please contact us by phone: 0221-64305141

When will a Fast Responder be alerted?

For all time-critical, life-threatening situations in which a qualified first responder can give first aid without special equipment before the ambulance arrives. For example:

  • Cardiovascular arrest
  • Sudden cardiac death
  • Loss of consciousness

How to become a part of Fast Responders?

Simple register here: /Account/Register We will arrange an appointment for an induction training, if the system "Fast Responders" is available in your county.

Is there an age limit for working as a Fast Responder?

It is possible to work as a Fast Responder from the age of 18.

Which smartphone do I need as a Fast Responder?

The Fast Responders app is available for the operating systems iOS and Android.

Are there any know technical difficulties with the apps?

With iOS there are no knows problems. On Android we recognized that some device manufacturer have their own, in parts really restrictive energy management. To avoid problems with alerts we recommend you to put the Fast Responders app to the list of unsupervised apps for energy management.

Who runs Fast Responders?

It is already in use in cooperation with some counties. The alert is send by the control center in the county.
When you want to introduce our system in your county please contact us here.

Where is the system operated? Which control centers take part?

The counties and regions which already take part are listed > here. In case of need the respective control center will alert the first responders.

When will the system be extended?

On our part immediately - if a new control center will use the system we will inform you here. We are available for questions, if a control center wants to implement the system. In addition we assist the implementation.

Why is the registration not working?

To complete the registration successfully it is necessary to visit a theoretical-practical induction training, which takes place after the registration. This induction training contains legal, social and informal notes, which are necessary for all first responders. The practical part contains extended instruction for reanimation for adults, adolescents/children and babies as well as an instruction for using a defibrillator.

How I get my app login?

You can create your account via /Account/Register. But to enable the app with this account it is neccessary to visit a training. After this training your account will be unlocked to use the app and be available for alerting.

I forgot my PIN

For security reasons we do not persist you PIN in our system. It only exists in your app. In this case the only way is to uninstall the app and install it again. When you are logging in to the app with your credentials you can set a new PIN.

I forgot my login name

Don't worry. As long as you know your email address that you used with your account you can go to /Account/ForgotPassword and reset your password. You will receive a mail and in the salutation you will find your login name. If you also forgot your password, you can reset it also using the link in that email. Otherwise ignore that email.

What is the content of the trainings?

The induction trainings contain legal, social and informal notes, which are necessary for all first responders. The practical part contains extended instruction for reanimation for adults, adolescents/children and babies as well as an instruction for using a defibrillator.

Is the system the same as a HVO/First Responder-System?

Absolutely not! It is a First Responder 2.0, so to speak - an extension of the First-Responder-System. We check before alerting which Fast Responder is close to the emergency location. In this case the Fast Responder is alerted via the app. This is the only way to reduce the time without a cardiac massage.